Sarah Soliman is the CEO and founder of Soliman productions. Soliman Productions is one of the featured companies in MP Strategic Marketing’s Made in America Campaign. The Made in America Campaign is an ongoing movement of driving awareness to quality, resilience, unity and sustainability of ‘American Made’ companies.

Prior to starting Soliman Productions, Sarah worked for a video production company with a focus on the meetings and convention space. She also worked in local news and radio doing promotions. Sarah is a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in Radio Television.

What was the inspiration behind Soliman Productions?

I grew up in a family where becoming an entrepreneur was highly encouraged. I always knew I would start my own business within the video marketing world just never thought it would be this soon.

The inspiration behind Soliman Productions is mostly to provide a platform for my family to grow and flourish. I’ve also always had a passion for helping businesses grow in whatever industry they may be in. No better way to do that than through video marketing.

What makes Soliman Productions different?

Soliman Productions isn’t your average production company. We provide a journalism background that makes the production more dynamic. All of our shoots entail a producer and a videographer. The producer works directly with the client to ensure our team truly understands the mission and vision behind the message we are responsible of putting out to the world.

How did you come up with the name, Soliman Productions?

Soliman is my last name. I have worked really hard to create a strong personal brand that is highly trusted. It made sense to merge my personal brand into a company by keeping my last name.

What is the biggest marketing challenge you face as a small business owner?

Not having enough time in the day to target new clientele or doing market research. Time is always a factor!

If you had to pick 3 things that have contributed to your marketing success, what would they be?

Social Media, networking events and personal relationships

What sparked your interest in MPSM’s Made in America Campaign?

MPSM’s Made in America Campaign seems like it can help with elements I struggle with like not having enough time to do market research and see who genuinely needs my services.

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